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Research Fellow in Human Nutrition / Sensory Science Research, SICS 

Posting Date : 19 Dec 2018 | Closing Date :17 Feb 2019  

The Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences has an exciting opportunity for a Post-Doctoral research scientist in Sensory science and Ingestive Behaviour research.

Established in 2007, the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) ( is a research institute within the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), and its mission is to develop disease-oriented clinical and translational research programmes in key disease areas.

SICS is distinguished by its focus on clinical sciences and the use of innovative approaches and technologies that enable the efficient and effective study of human health and diseases. The research scientists in SICS conduct the full spectrum of “Bench to Bedside” research activities in:
•Metabolic diseases - including diabetes, obesity and insulin resistance.
•Clinical nutrition research into the prevention and treatment of non-communicable disease.
•Pathways to normal growth and development - including cognitive and behavioural development.
•Nutritional sciences, through its core platform - Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC).

The Institute aims to attract and nurture a Post-Doctoral research scientist in Sensory science and Ingestive Behaviour research.  In this role, you will contribute to research on sensory factors that influence food choice and eating behaviours with a view to improving health.  You will work on projects at the interface of sensory science, nutrition and eating behaviour in a team of researchers at the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC) (  The CNRC undertakes research on a wide range of topics, including food choice, intake and eating behaviours, energy regulation, body composition, metabolism and aspects of and human growth and development.

Key responsibilities:

·        Contribute to the planning and execution of studies to better understand the role of food properties, sensory characteristics and psychological factors that influence food choice and intake.

·        Identify, critically analyse, and draw conclusions from findings of scientific studies in the field of human nutrition and food intake behaviour.

·        Experience and track record of data interpretation and preparation of manuscripts for peer review publication and presentations.

·        Coach and develop junior staff in the appropriate scientific and statistical methodologies and in the interpretation of data.  Proactively collaborate to develop interdisciplinary research that combines behavioural, psychological and physiological approaches to understanding human food intake.

Job Requirements: 
·        PhD in Sensory Science / Food Science / Psychology / Nutrition or a related field with a focus on food research and eating behaviours

·        Experience in initiating studies that explore food preferences, eating behaviour and food intake is essential.  In addition, the successful candidate should have a strong knowledge and proficiency in the various univariate and multivariate statistical tools required to analyse and interpret data from sensory, food intake and eating behaviour experiments.

·        2-3 years’ experience in conducting research on food intake and associate methods and analysis.  Individuals with experience in one or more of the following research areas involving human subjects are encouraged to apply: food structure and perception, appetite regulation, behavioural nutrition, dietary learning, taste and somato-sensation, food preferences and food intake.

·        Experience and track record of writing scientific documents. Successful track record of peer review publication.
•Knowledge and experience of sensory and consumer test methods is desirable.
•A team player with an ability to work independently. 
•Excellent written and oral presentation skills in English.

For all information and applications please go to: