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Sensory Food Network Ireland is a non-profit organisation committed to delivering a comprehensive and excellent sensory science service to the food and beverage industry in Ireland and abroad. Membership is open to any company or organisation with an interest in sensory science.

Membership benefits

  • Automatic membership to E3S and all it has to offer (
  • Preferential access to workshops and a 25% reduction on workshops offered by the network
  • Access to the network's private member area, where you can access workshop presentations and up to date sensory related information 
  • Networking opportunities with other members of the network

Membership cost

The membership fee will vary depending on company size. We are very aware of the particular needs of start-up companies and SMEs. To address the divide between small and large companies, a sliding scale of fees for membership will be made available, whereby small companies will pay less. Membership to the network is renewed annually.

To receive a membership quotation, or if you would like further information about membership, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly.

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