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Who we are

SENSORY FOOD NETWORK IRELAND is a national network of excellence, promoting integration and ensuring sustainability for all sensory science activities on the island of Ireland. The network comprises 10 leading institutions from Ireland with expertise in sensory science. These partners include Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute; University College Dublin; Teagasc; Dublin Institute of Technology; College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise; St Angela's College, Sligo; Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology; University of Ulster and Limerick Institute of TechnologyThe network performs to the highest level of excellence in service provision and scientific research in sensory food science. All members of the network are dedicated to developing and improving sensory research and consumer testing methodologies, with the aim of launching Ireland on the international map in this field.  

A key aspect of the network is to strengthen existing scientific and technological excellence in sensory science by aligning the critical mass of resources and expertise needed to provide leadership and to be a future international force in the area. This expertise is networked around a joint programme of activities in research, training and service provision. This programme will enhance the research capacities and services of the network partners while at the same time advancing knowledge in the area of sensory food science.  


Recognising the importance of sensory science in the food industry has evolved from the increasing need for a scientifically sound and systematic approach to the sensory evaluation of foods. Sensory Food Network Ireland supports the food and beverage industry in the areas of new product development, product matching, flavour development and enhancing understanding of consumer behaviour within specific market segments.